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The Doctor told me to "B" more "Complex" (05/11/2023)

Boy howdy, have I felt like I'm dying! I suppose that's what happens when you've got low vitamin B levels!.

Intense brain fog, lightheadedness, muscle weakness, memory loss, anxiety attacks, rapid heart beat... all from a lack of B. Wouldn't have guessed that! But I went, saw my doctor, had them take my blood, and it came back that everything was relatively normal minus that. Googling the symptoms? Yeah, that... that checks out. Still doesn't take away how hellish it felt though. I've also been off a medication for about two months for an illness since my pharmacy wouldn't refill it but that's since been re-introduced to my system. Apparently that may have also led to the low B. Thankfully, I've been getting back to feeling some semblance of normalcy since switching up my routine: A big bowl of honey bunches (20%DV B6, 40%DV B12), taking two gummy multis, and a b-complex. Still not 100% there always, but I'm definitely feeling back to 90% of myself.

Despite the brain fog, I pushed through and made finished my first Picrew!!

I also went to see Renfield! The experience was pretty shitty because of the aforementioned issues causing such awful anxiety, but about 2/3 of the way in, I really enjoyed what I was watching. Great music, fantastic wardrobe and set design for the titular Renfield and his studio apartment, and of course: Nicolas Cage. It seemed like every actor in the movie was having fun with their roles and that's honestly the best part!! Can't wait for the Blu-Ray to come out to be able to own it (and see the special features, hehe.)

About it for now. Thanks for reading all this and if you're feeling the symptoms mentioned, please go see your doctor and make sure to "B" safe. :3

- cheelz

Gwaaah. Post-Op. (01/28/2023)

Had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, plus a bad canine! I asked the surgeon if I could keep them and I think I have all 5 in an envelope but honestly I'm still a little nervous to look at them. I've got my ma and pa's teeth and it's not like I haven't kept my baby teeth but I just don't wanna freak myself out looking at my bloody adult teeth yet. I'm healing up still but it's been like 4-ish days and part of my lip, chin, and even teeth are still numb. :{ Hopefully it'll clear out by a week or so but I feel like a bulldog with all the drool I'm producing. I can't really sip from things like mugs or bottles but I can kinda dump drinks into my mouth. It's better than the syringe method I've been using. Technically starting tomorrow or the day after I can use straws or smoke/vape weed again but I wanna be safe and I'll keep it to a week minimum. So, uh, not till next month, really...

There's a lot of good things to look forward to for next month, though!! My brother's birthday is coming up. He wants to go to a skating rink but I'm a little nervous cause I've never skated before. I can't even skateboard. And with the healing still I'm just worried I'm gonna fuck something up. He said he could help me dye my hair, though!!! I've got some ruby red stuff I've been saving and we might go with a sorta box of chocolates half-red half-natural brown look since it's gonna be nearing Valentine's Day. I dunno though, maybe I'll do all red. I don't expect it to be any sort of bright red since I'm not gonna bleach it but it would still be a nice change of pace and a hella satisfying middle finger to my dad who had a bit of a reaction to the concept of me dyeing it a color.

That's pretty much it! Thanks for reading if you got to the end of this. :))

- cheelze