in: Character, Sexyman, Neutralized, X More
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Class Neutralized
Aliases The Forgotten Spawn, The Worm, Stupid Fucking Bastard in My Head
Source Blorbo from my Brain
Archetypes Green, Angst, Brick Shithouse, Dealmaker, Distinctive Voice, Dominating, Eye Imagery, Forest Dweller, Hot-Headed, Smartdumb, Monster Features, Mysterious, Nonhuman, Power, Religious Imagery, Scars, Tall, Tongue Imagery, Unkempt, (Redeemed) Villain
Years as Class Listed Don't Worry About It


Gedagen is an OC from a story that'll probably never see the light of day or go beyond ramblings in a Google Doc.


Basic Information




He's the last of his kind to still be roaming the Earth (that he's aware of.) As humans started taking over more land and disavowing them, all other Gods migrated to a separate realm to live there. Gedagen wasn't informed about this and only found out days later once mostly healed from his encounter with his brother. Gedagen's penchant for eating humans also started from advice from said brother. When encountering a group of humans who were unaware of his status as a son of the benevolent god, Lphane, they were able to take him down and cause his first death, leading him after his revival to ask Krieg how to avoid suffering the same fate again.

Brick Shithouse/Tall

Wide freak. Weighs the size of two minibuses. Roughly 15 feet tall when standing upright. He's 6-something in human form.


His family possesses the ability to make contracts with humans. The contracts can't be broken by either party unless it's agreed upon mutually or if the "special clause" is invoked.

Distinctive Voice


Forest Dweller

Lives in an abandoned, old brick warehouse in a heavily wooded area. The location is pretty overgrown, save for the paths that Gedagen usually takes having been worn down.



When the protagonist first meets him, he comes off as potentially clever and shrewd, but after some chatting, it's clear that everything Gedagen knows is from centuries prior or picked up from scraps of reading material left behind by others. Being cooped up in a building with no contact with the outside world really doesn't do him any favors.

Monster Features / Eye Imagery / Tongue Imagery

Claws, spikes, horn-like antennae, two sets of eyes. He eats people, come on.


He keeps most of his past a secret, when not lying about it, anyway. Though his family is well documented, little to no information about Gedagen exists, and what can be found is usually inaccurate.


Giant caterpillar monster.


Compared to the usual humans he's surrounded by, Gedagen is rather powerful, both in terms of his sheer size and some of his magical abilities. When it comes to his family, though... he's the weakest by a huge margin.

Religious Imagery


At least one major scar: A jagged one that runs the width of his torso that he received from Krieg. Due to his brother's powers, Gedagen's accelerated healing factor was rendered the same as a human's, and refusing to ask for his mother's help to heal it, he had to wait for the wound to close naturally.


(Redeemed) Villain

For a good chunk of the beginning of the story, Gedagen is the bane of the protagonist's existence as they learn more about the old Gods to search for a way to break their contract with him. Upon the sorcerer accidentally forcing Gedagen into a human form, however, they have to coexist and eventually they wind up coming to resent the other less.